My first post

I am happy to be here.

yello Nov 03 '23 09:01 PM

It's time for change

Every time I update my resume, I find myself adding a new post here as well. I guess old habits don't die

swoosher Jul 20 '23 04:23 PM


Keep your fire burning!

candle Nov 11 '22 04:12 PM

Brond was here!

There's is this satisfying joy that comes from creating something that actually works and here's one :)

swoosher May 28 '22 12:45 AM



eder Apr 25 '22 10:59 PM


Dan was here

dan Sep 10 '21 11:08 PM

testing this!

Nice, great work!!!

test Sep 08 '21 02:13 PM

Does this only work for me?


zanamama Sep 06 '21 10:52 PM



zanamama Sep 06 '21 10:52 PM

Practice More

Sometimes it takes writing multiple blog titles to find the perfect one. Perfecting your ability to write effective blog titles is not a race, but a journey, so stay consistent and enjoy the process.

Alima Sep 06 '21 10:41 PM

Optimize for SEO

When brainstorming for blog titles, there’s an important question you need to ask yourself, and that question is: What’s the motivation behind my readers researching this subject on search engines?

Tony Sep 06 '21 10:41 PM

Use Actionable Words

Keep your blog titles clear, concise, and free of irrelevant/vague words that don’t describe the crux of your article and are incapable of getting your target audience to read and/or share your article.

Alima Sep 06 '21 10:41 PM

Provide Meaningful Value

Ultimately, your blog title should tell your readers what they’ll learn from reading your blog and what value will you provide to them with your article.

Hassan Sep 06 '21 10:41 PM

Use Captivating Headlines

Your blog post headline should be compelling and at the same time meaningful. Considering that 80% of readers never make it past the headline, you have to prioritize it and make sure it hooks your readers from the very start.

Murija Sep 06 '21 10:41 PM
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